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Problem solving paper

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Problem Solving
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My little brother is turning five. What should I get him as a present? Now that he is a lover of both picnics and bikes, should I get him a nice mountain bike? Should I organize some picnic for him? Should I get him a surprise gift? – One that does not fall within his ‘favorites’ category? Should I let the day pass and surprise him a week later? Or should I just assume the day never was?
Definition of the problem
The choice I should take should be economical, pleasant, surprising and relevant. It is a joyous occasion, and the little boy expects a lot from me. The choice I will take should not disappoint him. I have a tight schedule, and the option should not interrupt my busy timetable. I need to make a decision that will both satisfy him and let my schedule normally run because the d-day is a very busy working day. The option should also be budget friendly as I am not financially stable as at this time.

The present should be affordable
The gift should not exceed my small budget
The gift should not interrupt my busy schedule
The thing should excite the little boy
Alternative 1, application of criteria and evaluation
Alternative #1 – Buy him a bike
The bike is affordable – it is budget friendly.
The little boy will love the bike because he is a big fan of biking, anyway.
The bike option will not interfere with my schedule because it involves buying and pre…

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