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Proactive Liberty

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Proactive Liberty

Category: Cause and Effect Essay

Subcategory: Biology

Level: College

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Proactive Liberty

Proactive Liberty
Overpopulation is a serious threat to the future quality of life of human beings. This is because resources are limited in nature, and their use has a double effect by depleting their reserves and polluting the environment. In fact, having unrestricted reproductive values is considered as an injustice for future generations since it will deny them the chance to experience high-quality life (Goodwin, 2012). As a result, it is important for reproductive responsibility to be enforced to curb overpopulation and maintain a high-quality standard of life for future generations.
It is common for procreation to be considered as a personal chance to experience happiness and the capacity to make choices about procreation as a principal expression of personal autonomy and identity. This makes the decision to have children as a fundamental right and deeply individual choice with no ethical justification for diminishing that right. Still, the rate of human population growth and its effect on the earth brings that right into question. This is because the present advances in medical technology have ensured that people live for longer, and the death rate remains lower than the birth rate, thus making overpopulation a reality and ensuring that the earth’s carrying capacity is reached at a faster rate. In essence, overpopulation presents a problem by stressing the earth’s limited capacity to produce energy, supply food, and provide space (Goodwin, 2012). In this respect, there is a need to be proactive in addressing procreation liberties by setting standards that ensure that the quality of the earth’s future populations is not compromised.
One must accept that overpopulation is a problem that greatly threatens future generations. In addition, one has no option but to acknowledge that the human right to procreation is a fundamental expression of personal autonomy and identity. In fact, the present situation creates a need to change societal values that would see reproductive policies applied even though they may infringe on personal liberties. This is an ethical challenge. Therefore, the need to reconcile the desire to maintain procreative liberty and concern for future generations creates an ethical challenge.

Goodwin, K. (2012). Having Children: Reproductive ethics in the face of overpopulation. Macalester Journal of Philosophy, 20(1), 39-59.

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