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Prevention of Domestic Violence

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Prevention of Domestic Violence

Category: Cause and Effect Essay

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

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Prevention of Domestic Violence
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The response to domestic violence has been on focus currently on primarily intervention only after the incidence has already identified and when harm has taken place. However, there are newer strategies that are emerging to in order to counter these domestic violence, and prevention to approaches. With regard to the above here are some of the strategies that have been taken into consideration: primarily prevention in reducing the incidences of the problem it occurs, secondly, observing secondary preclusion with the aim of lowering the prevalence after signs of the problem and also involving tertiary prevention by intervening once the problem has already taken place and is clearly evident and the problem is causing harm.
Domestic violence has been on the rise in the recent years and as a result, of this, it has necessitated the need for a way to be sought to see to it that this violence has been brought down and, if possible, eradicated completely. It has been seen that the police department in response to domestic violence has greatly undergone ultimate radical changes over the past 20years CITATION Vic15 l 1033 (Kappeler & Gaines, 2015). In addition to this currently, the enforcement agencies are continuously coming up with newer approaches with the solely aim of protecting victims and also prevention this kind of abuse. The law enforcement agencies, in this case, are supposed to scrutinize the way in which the officers react on issues of domestic violence. Traditionally, the freedom to exercise discretion has been looked at as one of the best-valued tools for officers. At any time when a policy is seen to compromise the will, resistance may occur.
With regard to this, the law enforcement executives will have to anticipate a similar response to a pro-arrest policy for domestic violence.It is, therefore, important to differentiate between a pro-arrest policy and a mandatory arrest policy for domestic violence. Therefore, when officers have with them demonstrable cause for a violation, an arrest is expected by the administration and the community CITATION Bri14 l 1033 (Gainey, 2014). In addition to that, sufferers and the community will always anticipate that law enforcement address domestic abuse as a crime, thus obliged to making an arrest when the probable cause recommends that a crime was committed. The experience with other jurisdictions indicates that those departments with the greatest compliance are those that have strong administrative support, comprehensive in service training and support from the community CITATION Kär09 l 1033 (Hess & Orthmann, 2009).
The Family Violence Prevention and Service Program (FVPSA) has been there to help victims of domestic mishandling and their dependents secure immediate shelter with other related assistance CITATION Pat12 l 1033 (Crist & Scaffa, 2012). The program’s intention is to:
Carrying out the public campaign to make the masses aware about the prevalence of family violence.
Giving support to the local and community-based violence programs.
Availing shelter to victims of domestic abuse and the minors.
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