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Preparedness is a Step to Success
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In life, everyone yearns for success, but our preparedness and willing to prosper determines our level of accomplishment. Although humans can speculate and forecast, no one can precisely tell what will happen tomorrow or the next immediate moment. However, humans can always prepare to handle anything that may ensue regardless of its implications. Success does not come easy but requires sacrifice, hard work, discipline, and consistency (Mackay, 2015). The desire to win is very pressing and enticing, but the will for preparedness is attainable. It only needs one to follow a systematic organization and abide by the right concepts at all times.
It is very ironic that very many people desire to emerge successful and triumphant in life yet they are not willing to dedicate their time and prepare for what awaits them. Another group of people will start on a high note but will withdraw following disillusionment and loss of hope (Michaelson, Olim, & Hyams, 2003). Little do they know that preparedness is procedural and takes time. It will be unrealistic to expect success with the first trial in each activity and task that one undertakes. Even the world’s greatest performers attribute their success to progressive preparedness.
The chances of succeeding when one is unprepared are very low. One of US founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, once said that failure to prepare means that you are preparing to…

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