Poverty in Simcoe county, Ontario and Canada

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Poverty in Simcoe county, Ontario and Canada

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Poverty in Simcoe County
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Poverty in Simcoe County
Statistics shows that the county of Simcoe in southern Ontario is among the counties that has the highest inflow of immigrants in Canada. Newcomers are establishing themselves in the country despite the minimal resources to account for the massive inflow of immigrants. The level of poverty has therefore increased the province of Ontario came up with a project to reduce poverty in Simcoe County. So many families live below the global poverty line leaving very many unemployed and homeless. However, those who are employed earn peanut pay that are barely enough to cater and provide for their families.
Ontario has therefore decided to alleviate poverty among the less fortunate individual in the county of Ontario. They have therefore invested in services and programs in the quest of assisting the immigrants secure jobs and get employed. The province of Ontario has used the local poverty reduction fund to support the county projects. To counter the new population, 230000 dollars have been invested in training the Ontario employment staff. The government of Ontario through their economic plan passed the act of alleviating poverty.
The employment staff is trained to develop the knowledge of the immigrants on employment and the requirements of the labor market. Considering the competitive nature of the labor job market, immigrants and other unfortunate groups should be advised on how to maneuver through the job market. Programs have therefore been enrolled in teaching the young population especially on means of coming up with business viable business ideas. The government is ready to fund the new investors if their ideas are worth. The main idea is to create more employment opportunities where everyone can secure an employment opportunity. It’s much better rather than relying on the government and other local organizations for employment.
The team of experts who were engraved with the role of emancipating the residents of Simcoe County also have a role in improving the employment network. This also includes balancing job by monitoring how the government makes recruitment and selection process for their employees. Everyone should be given equal chances to apply for any government post. However, the non-governmental organization should also maintain the balance by avoiding discriminating potential applicants based on their lines of gender, religion or even race. Even the immigrants have equal chances of delivering the same as any other employee. In some cases, some of them have outstanding talents and skills that can help improve the economy through their innovative ideas.
Social amenities such as good roads, schools, and even hospitals are also part of the project to eradicate poverty in the county of Simcoe. The transport system enables movement of individuals and goods in and out of the county. Trading has therefore become comfortable and more efficient. The local poverty reduction fund is meant for all the unfortunate individuals in the county. The list includes females; the disables persons, the immigrants, and the youth.
The funds are also invested in the creation of a dynamic environment that is favorable to innovation and investing. It has now become very easy to secure employment or even start a business. The regulations for the operation of a business has also been revised to make business thriving easy. A stable savings plan has also been established whereby one can save his earnings and perhaps acquire a loan to start or enlarge their business their credit worthiness is resounding. The County of Simcoe has therefore embraced regional partnership where everyone is collaborating with the government and other non-governmental organizations to reduce the levels of poverty.
According to the 2011 national household’s survey on income and housing, there should be a corporation such as the focus development corporation that helps connect people and opens opportunities to jobs. However, the 230000 dollars is not only meant to deal with the refugee crisis but is intended to eradicate poverty in the county of Simcoe. Some argue that there are several employment opportunities in the government and other non-governmental organizations. However, the newcomers need to be directed and given a few simple pointers on how to secure employment depending on the requirements of the stipulated job position. Tracking the needs of various job positions and educating the job applicants on means of securing employment is very pivotal in ending poverty in the county of Simcoe.
In conclusion, there is more that needs to be done to eradicate poverty altogether. The funds enrolled for the Simcoe should be effectively used to make sure that all the stipulated projects are successful. No one should be discriminated during the process of recruitment and selection in any job position. Gender balance should also be upheld by making sure women are given equal chances to males since they can deliver the same and sometimes women are suited to other job positions than men. The inflow of immigrants, therefore, prompts the province of Ontario to follow up the performance of the set projects. It should, therefore, be made easier for every employee to acquire an employment opportunity. However, a dynamic and innovative conducive environment should also be upheld to make it easier to start a business. If all the programs enrolled are successful, eradication of poverty will be more convenient.