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Potential problems Doris is likely to face as HR Director for for Horigan Hotels

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Human Resource Problems
Human Resource problems at Horigan Company
Dorris Parkerman is a Human Resources professional. She has been hired to work for Horigan Company, which specializes in hospitality and accommodation, as Human Resources Director, being the first female to ever hold the HR Director’s position. Horigan Company is an international chain of hotels and resorts with listed shares in the New York Stock Exchange. In the recent past, she served as the Director of Human Resources in a major airline company. Since Horigan has overseen a disturbing high turnover of HR Directors in the past four years, she has been elevated to the position to bring the much needed stability and shore up things in the company. This is because she has to look into the affairs of Horigan chain of hotels across the globe. As well, she set out to seal all the loopholes regarding employees of the Horigan. This was informed by the fact that she realized that the company had loose reward/compensation system that was not dictated by merit, experience, and the training that employees had for the right job. She also noted that the recruitment system at the company for its overseas hotel chains, was lopsided as the firm had a designated sources it drew their employees from including higher institution of learning where Incidentally, all the three top most managers – the General, Finance, and Procurement- graduated. Ironically, they were posted to the overse…

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