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Category: Annotated Bibliography

Subcategory: Public Administration

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As stated in the post, in as much as ethics of conduct and ethics of virtue have specific differences, they also share some similarities. While the ethics of virtue dictates how we should act in given situations, ethics of conduct refers to the final actions of a man. In other words, the ethics of virtue seeks to influence decisions by stipulating principles that should guide us while making decisions. On the other hand, ethics of conduct highlights the specific behaviors that are required or prohibited in the society. The two classes of ethics share various similarities. Apart from defining our characters or who we are as explained by the post, ethics of conduct and ethics of virtue both seek to guide and encourage specific types of behaviors in the society (Gillikin 1). They both try to attain a narrow range of acceptable conducts from individuals by guiding individuals in the determination of inappropriate and appropriate behaviors and also by influencing decisions through the provision of guidance on choices and values. However, the main difference between the two classes of ethics is that as opposed to ethics of conduct, virtue ethics provides a clear set of expectations regarding actions that are prohibited, acceptable or required. Ethics of conduct, on the other hand, offer a wide range of non-specific interactions and give individuals discretion of making an independent judgment regarding a given course of action (Gillikin 1).

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