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Category: Application Essay

Subcategory: Public Relations (PR)

Level: College

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As defined by the post, ethical egoism refers to the act of being selfish. In other words, ethical egoism refers to the act of always putting one’s needs first with no regards to other people’s feelings or interests. A complete egoist does not care about other people’s interest but only his or her benefits, interest and goals. Notably, an egoist will not always be greedy, as such, they may be willing to help or share with others provided that they have something to gain from helping others otherwise they have no business assisting. Psychological egoism, on the other hand, claims that we are hardwired to think about ourselves, and as such, every human being is selfish. In this regard, psychological egoism believes that a human being cannot care about others genuinely because whenever they do, they would expect something in return.
As described by my fellow, psychological egoism borrows from the belief that whatever goes around comes back around (Rosenstand, 188). In other words, an egoist would help a cancer patient not because he feels obligated to or because he cares but rather to receive the same assistance in the future should he, unfortunately, find himself in the same position. All in all, I agree with my colleague on the definitions and nature of ethical egoism and psychological egoism. However, an additional fact that misses from the post is that as opposed to psychological egoist, an ethical egoist can genuinely be altruistic…

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