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Post Knee Surgery

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Post Knee Surgery

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Post Knee Surgery
ACL rejuvenation therapy is the name of the treatment offered to patients after a knee surgery (“I found this” n.pag.). This program mainly aims to get athletes or any other sports person on their feet after a knee injury. The ACL rejuvenation therapy aims to: reduce the knee’s overall swelling, lower the chances of getting another knee injury and maintain the size and muscle strength of the knee amongst other things (“I found this” n.pag.). It takes six months for a person to recuperate fully from ACL and avoid “stretching of graft” (“I found this” n.pag.). This paper gives us a sample post physical therapy program for a person convalescing from ACL.
The first stage is during the first fortnight after the surgery (“I found this” n.pag.). In this phase, the knee is iced and elevated on a daily basis to reduce swelling. Most people manage to walk without crutches by the end of the first week (“I found this” n.pag.). The second phase commences from the third week and goes on to a maximum of 9 weeks. The second phase’s goal is to improve the patient’s “range of motion,” ability to walk and to balance (“I found this” n.pag.). To achieve these goals, the patient to needs to exercise on the exercise bike for approximately 20 minutes every day (“I found this” n.pag.). Where possible, the patient may be required to run or walk in a pool of water with a loose belt. Other exercises that the patient should …

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