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Population and Urbanization

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Population and Urbanization

Category: Analytical Essay

Subcategory: Geography

Level: College

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Population and Urbanization
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Population and Urbanization
Despite the expanding urbanization in China and India, rural areas in these two countries still contain significant populations due to a myriad of reasons. These regions are mainly famous for excess land that allows inhabitants to practice farming easily. By investing in livestock keeping and crop cultivation, people in rural India and China sustain their livelihood as well as raise additional income by selling extra produce (Jones, 2014). Also, rural areas offer a sense of social life by allowing residents to become part of the community smoothly. When compared to metropolitan centers, the cost of living is quite lower in rural areas. Tax rates, insurance, and food costs are quite modest – these are the factors that attract people to reside in rural areas.
People in rural areas often move to urban centers in search of better employment opportunities. Labor mobilization in metropolitan regions supports the transitory reallocation of workers as people can get jobs easily in new emerging factories and industries (Jones, 2014). When compared to rural areas, cities and other big towns in both China and India boast of resilient infrastructure. People often migrate from rural areas to urban areas due to the increasing availability of convenient facilities and superior amenities. Educational facilities in urban areas is another factor that pushes people into migrating from …

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