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The art of addressing social problems varies in complexity depending on the interest of participants and the social state that is affected. In ‘The Lancet’ Peter Kandela, who is committed in addressing human rights particularly in health and medicine, he uses theoretical and physical evidence to criticize pollution parameters in Landon. Sketches from The Lancet addresses fundamental factors that pollute environment namely, motor vehicles and mechanical civilization that cause water, air, noise pollutions and of course annoyance in London streets. Peter on his task is fighting for the rights of the community, and he wants both sensitizations of the effects and giving directions to the authorities responsible for these messes. He fills some people should take full responsibility of controlling pollution, such as motor vehicle manufacturers and mechanical activities.
Most of these factors have critical effects on the environment, and they have been analyzed in different ways in different articles. Peter being one of the advocates, he has dwelled much on health effects without considering the economical side of them. Economical and safety aspects in the community they both conflict in terms of interest and what is important is how both of them should be harmonized in acceptable levels instead of skewing heavily on one side.
Noise and annoyance is one of the disturbing factors that has been addressed in London streets, vehicles, and other commercial activities are the…

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