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Course Title: Course Unit
There is a general outcry that the big government syndrome is gradually into the American political scene. However, this seems unfounded as the American political system is anchored on very many checks and balances, than other democracies the world over. Still, various political pundits believe that the American political administrations have grown mold because of powerful non-state actors and lobby groups. They are present on both the right and left areas of America’s political spectrum, and they represent their clienteles’ interests. The 1789 American constitution bequeathed the federal government with more powers compared to the states governments, awarding them the powers to collect taxes, establish an army, be the final adjudicators of legal disputes between individual states, and regulation of commerce between states. It is often indicated that the Supreme Court of the United States represents the strength of the federal government over the states. The authority the 1789 constitution gave the federal government to collect taxes and raise an army effective trumped local state politics. This paper investigates the strength of either the federal or the state governments in the present.
Section 1: The Federal-State Power Balance
The United States Constitution established federalism, a system of power sharing between states and the central governments. It…

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