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Political science Argumentative essay

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Political science Argumentative essay

Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: Political Science

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Undocumented immigrants
It is very unfortunate that immigrant people are perceived differently by another citizen. The public view them as people in a foreign country without permission. They are further referred to like people who want to work in jobs that no one else wants to earn their way to better lives. On the other side, the government view immigrants as people who intruded into the country to take people’s jobs and exploit their resources.
People would be surprised to know that a very big percentage of undocumented immigrants are not actually what they think. Most of these people are law-abiding, do well in schools, pay taxes, participate in the society, raise their family quietly and most of all, work very hard for their voice to be heard. All they want is to have legal papers that allow them to move freely and have an education that can enable them to earn their selves a better life. Those who had the opportunity to study have very difficult times in trying to hide their identity. Many of the undocumented immigrants found themselves in that situation unwillingly. Children born there have no choice but suffer the consequences. Other immigrants have relatives they left behind as they were looking for greener pastures, but unfortunately, they can’t revisit them because they would be deported by immigration officers (Urrea 213). A huge family is forced to stay in the small house.
Over half of undocumented immigrants from Mex…

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