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Political Science

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Political Science

Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: Political Science

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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Sherman Alexie’s Blasphemy
In Sherman Alexie’s Blasphemy, Sherman illuminates alcoholism, poverty, and despair that characterize the lives of Native Americans that live on reservations. Even though some of the stories evoke indignation and sadness, some of the stories elicit compassion and respect for particular characters that find themselves in hopeless situations. In ‘Assimilation” and “Faith”, the main characters contemplates several offenses, such as adultery (165). The author strives to distance himself from moralizing the acts despite the fact that the husbands and wives undergo a lot of torment. In “Old Growth”, Sherman narrates the saddening accidental death of a white person that was tending marijuana crops planted in the reservation woods (190). Sherman reiterated the challenge that he felt after realizing that he had accidentally shot the man after mistaking him for a deer.
In “Emigration”, Sherman reveals the magic and brevity realism while describing the exchange between a son and his mother that forgets to call and successfully uses hornets and hummingbirds as emissaries. The mother reveals the possibility of sending hornets to the son’s house to utter the word “guilt” everywhere and do nothing other than sting the son (192). The “Search Engine” reveals a strong female character that encounters three different men who help her to understand dignity, failure, and knowledge. “T…

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