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Criminal Justice Assignment:
Case Study on Seattle
The following assignment pertains to the police department and special jurisdiction agencies of the city of Seattle. The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics’ Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies states that Seattle had a total of 260 law enforcement agencies, employing a total 11,411 officers.
Special jurisdiction agencies in Seattle
The Seattle Police Department is the primary agency for law enforcement in the city of Seattle. It is also the largest municipal police department in the state of Washington. Its main functions include patrolling and crime investigation in all precincts and waterways, traffic and parking enforcement, and homeland security. Apart from this, the 9-1-1 communication center takes and answers all calls for the police. However, there are agencies with special jurisdiction as well, that is, agencies that preside over special matters such as natural resources, fish and wildlife, liquor, gambling, corrections, and so on CITATION Pol15 l 1033 (Police Work).
Washington State Parks:
The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission manages a conglomerate of parks owned by the state of Washington, USA. It is responsible for the development, protection, and care of the state’s parks. The law enforcement authority in every park is the Park Rangers, who have legal jurisdiction on park lands owned by the state CITATION Age15 l 1033 (Agency Administr…

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