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Police Report – Teens Caught On Tape Tossing Debris From Bridge

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Teens Caught On Tape Tossing Debris from Bridge
On October 10, 2007, at around 2:30 pm, a police officer responded to a 911 call on the Ninth Street highway bridge with and 1-235 way. The highway is busy with many cars since the time is rush hour. Bob Kapple, who happens to witness children throwing what seems to be logs and debris over the bridge, meets the police officer. After giving a brief chase; the police manage to arrest two children who Bob Kapple confirms have been throwing debris over the bridge. The police officer confirms the incident and questions the juveniles who agree to all the accounts of tossing debris from the bridge. The police confirm the chief suspects name to be Johnathan Butts, a 13 years old street child with a non-identified accomplice. The police office police custody for further questioning takes Johnathan Butts and his younger into police custody
The Evidence
The police officers briefly assess the culprits; Jonathan Butts, dressed in dirty clothes, a stripped half way, buttoned large shirt, a white vest, and a brown trouser, is the main culprit. A juvenile accomplice to Johnathan Butts is approximately age eight, who is in white sneakers, black shorts, and oversized black sweater. After a thorough assessment of the two highways, the police officer, and Mr. Bob Kapple can identify the exact log, debris and rocks that Johnathan Butts and his friends have tossed over the bridge. They accepted the offense. Johnathan Butts agreed that indeed he threw debris over the bridge, and he didn’t have a good reason for throwing debris over the bridge. Jonathan Butts agrees that he acted out of ignorance, and was copying what other children were doing. Buts confirm that he has been loosely hanging around the highways in what seems to be a case of idleness.
The Suspects
The children agree that they indeed tossed log, debris and rocks over Ninth Street Bridge onto 1-235 way below.
Mr. Bob Kapple, who witnessed the children tossing debris over the bridge, confirms that the two children arrested are the true culprits who tossed debris over the bridge.
Mr. Bob Kapple can take video clips and photographs of the 1-235 way with the debris creating litter.
Police officer assesses the extent of damage and reports that the debris tossed over the Ninth Street Bridge way onto the busy 1-235 way have caused damage to two cars.
The police report that there are no fatal casualties in the incident.
When asked by the police, Johnathan Butts agrees to all the accounts of the materials tossed over the bridge, apologizes and pleads guilty. He says that he only followed his peers who were doing the same
According to the police officer, two vehicles are damaged by the debris thrown over the bridge.
After examining and concluding investigation on the crime scene, the police close the case. From the evidence including the log that the children tossed over the bridge, the rocks pieces and the debris further identified on the 235 street below the bridge. The police say that Jonathan Butts and his accomplice faces criminal mischief charges. The police confirm that he act of children throwing debris over the bridges in the area is on the rise. The police say that no casualties from the incident. The police confirm that the debris destroys two vehicles from the act of throwing debris over the bridge. The culprits are taken away from the crime scene in a police car, awaiting prosecution in juvenile court.

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