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Police officers by the virtue and nature

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Police officers by the virtue and nature of the functions they supposed to perform are mandated to use at particular times some force. For instance if the suspect is non-compliant to the officers request as required by the law, the police will have to use a relative amount of force to apprehend the suspect (Skolnick & Fyfe, 1993). On the hand, if the suspect is corporative as expected and directed by the police, the use of force will be unnecessary. The use of force should be implemented without discrimination based on gender, race or ethnicity.
Impacts of use of force in New York
Eric Gardner has been used more often when the use of force is mentioned about police brutality. He was not the only one to spark the formation of movements that advocate against police excessive use of force. The New York, civilian liberties union, was formed in 1951, to be an online activist movement for reporting and ensuring cases linking police excessive use of force are addressed with the legal justice they deserve (N.D, 2014). There was an establishment of a database system by the New York police department called the NYPD’s stop- and frisk database, to keep tracking records for police officers who have been caught with cases of use excessive, unreasonable force. For instance, between 2003 and 2013, the NYPD conducted over four million stop- and – frisk activities and over one million were recorded as police use of excessive force (N.D, 2014). From the statics from the da…

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