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Police Legitimacy

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Police Legitimacy

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

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Police Legitimacy
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Police Legitimacy
In recent years, the increasing crime rate is a growing concern for the law enforcement agencies and the judicial system. The safety and security of the public are at stake, and this has resulted in the debate over the implementation of policies that will remedy the situation. Police Legitimacy and Procedural Justice are some of the critical concepts incorporated in policing to boost the efficiency of law enforcement (Kane, 2005). The theory of police legitimacy is premised on the belief that crime is a societal issue that can be solved through a collaborative effort between the police and the community.
Police Departments are doing away with traditional policing techniques and refers to practices centered on the willingness of the public to support the police in fighting crime. It has been established that it influences the performance of law enforcement agencies in exercising the rule of law without infringing the rights of individuals (Sherman, 2013). The credibility of the police officers will be determined with how well they interact with the community in such a way that they elicit trust from the public. In the guideline for bank-robberies, the authors suggest that focusing on using non the problem produces better results in solving the offense (Weisel, 2007).
According to the theory of police legitimacy, public support is centred on three key areas. Firstly, the compliance of t…

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