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Police Excessive Force or Legalizing Marijuana or increase minmum wages

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Arguments on the Use of Force by Police Officers
Our aim in this paper is to show that most of the conceptions regarding improper use of force by police officers are flawed from the start. For instance, we will rely on past investigation to show how the events where force is used account for only a minuscule part of the police-citizen encounters. In the same way, we shall argue in favor of the police as a whole, given the fact that most police officers are individuals who work in a highly stressful environment and sometimes they can go bad. Also, we aim to show the public that the cases of force usage are mostly done by a few “rotten” cops, not by the entire force, and putting all the polices departments in the spotlight for the actions of a single member is highly counterintuitive. We consider that the public should understand and support the police departments, as it has been noted in previous research that the only way to pave the inequity and flawed relations between citizens and police officers is through communication and mutual understanding. What we mean is that maybe, police officers could learn to understand the community’s problems, and the community could start seeing them as humans.
When police does not meet our expectations, we tend to react with anger, or posing additional demands. Truth is that despite the latest incidents regarding police brutality, what might be seen as a trend…

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