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Police Corruption In Sierra Leone

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Police Corruption In Sierra Leone

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

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Police Corruption in Sierra Leone
The Republic of Sierra Leone has witnessed a significant change in the government and police force since independence in 1961. Since then, the country has experienced numerous problems which include corruption, bad governance, and the abuse of human rights. Corruption is the primary cause of poverty in the country as it is heavily embedded in the government and police. The most serious forms of corruption Sierra Leone police and government is looting of public funds (Haberfeld and Ibrahim, 123) and bribery (Haberfeld and Ibrahim, 124). Government officials openly loot public funds for personal gain at all levels of the administration. Furthermore, the government encourages it since there is no mechanism in place to stop the practice. Consequently, this has allowed only a few people in power to have economic dominance in the nation. The police usually take bribes for favors. Additionally, senior police officers instruct their officers to collect bribes from corrupt businesses and for protection.
Most countries in the 21st century have embraced a democratic government. Consequently, this entails a police force is designed to protect the citizens as well as ensuring their rights are respected. Democratic policing has become an essential element in the modern-day democracy. A democratic police primary role is to serve the citizens and not people in power. Democracy pol…

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