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Police and The Community

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dentetitututiontommunities’. The less fortunate will be considered by way of the police maintaining their visible presence aPolice and the Community
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Police and the Community
In the contemporary times, it has become a trend for police agencies to initiate community policing. Community policing is a value system that allows a complements a police department, in which the major organization goal is to work collaboratively with citizens of a society, and both private and public organizations to locate and resolve issues in the community. The police department understands the fact that it is essential to involve the community to deal effectively with issues in the society. The community shares a mutual responsibility with the police of ensuring resolution of problems (Hunt and Colander, 2008; Roleff, 2011). This paper will explore this aspect in a multifaceted way and how the police and community work corporately to maintain order in the society.
Community policing is an aspect that encourages prevention, identification of crime tendencies early enough, and intervention that is timely such that they tackle issues before they advance to unmanageable problems. The police department attempts to make aggressively citizens participants in its operations, through diverse ways. They do this majorly by way of recruiting volunteers, whether retired seniors or interns from colleges. The citizens are encouraged to make pat…

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