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Points of Creation versus Points of Destruction on Divergent Views

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Points of Creation versus Points of Destruction on Divergent Views

Category: Term paper

Subcategory: History

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Slavery is goodSlavery existed in the human race for thousands of years. Most societies in all parts of the world have documented about slavery. Communities such as Christians, Muslims, Chinese, African communities and many others had slavery. Therefore, to live in the world without slavery took effort. As societies became civilized, eccentrics emerged to oppose it. Most of them argued that slavery was a moral monstrosity. However, there were those that were for slavery.
Some of the supporters of slavery argued that slavery is natural. Societies are complex, and therefore people differ. There are different levels in society, and, therefore, there are those that are superior to others. For instance, some have better intelligence, morality, technological prowess, or the capacity to fight. They will make themselves masters of the “inferior” people. Even Abraham Lincoln believed that there was a physical difference between the blacks and the whites. He believed that the white should have superior positions (Conrad and Meyer 97).
The other common argument was that slavery has always existed. This argument exemplifies the logical antiquity or tradition. This argument persuaded more people, especially those who had a conservative bent. Perhaps this may even convince those who were against it. Although we do not understand why social institutions exist, their persistence may be grounded in logic that most people are yet to understan…

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