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Poetry Discussion

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Poetry Discussion

Category: Thesis Proposal

Subcategory: Politics

Level: High School

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Words: 275

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Keats and the Power of Negative Argument
I agree with professor’s argument that Keats used the phrase “knight at arms” wrongly. The writer should have used “wretched wight” since it explains context more clearly than knight at arms since it captures the reader’s attention by comparing the situation with Keats lust quotes in his letter to Fanny Brawne (“Keats and the Power of Negative”). On the other hand, “knight at arms” phrase contrasts the illness of the narrator. The ailment is most probably love psychosis.
Again, I agree with professor’s argument that the narrator cannot eat the food though it is abundant. Knight wants his lover to feed him with love. The phrase “squirrel’s granary is full” explains how the harvest was huge (“Keats and the Power of Negative”). However, the narrator is not concerned with food but the princess’s love.
In stanza three of the poem, the choice of words is confusing. The knight demands romance from the princess. It does not mean that he is love-starved as the professor argues. The line, “I see a lily on thy brow” illustrates how the knight is demanding for love but not starving. Again, I disagree with the argument that knight can run away from the princess. The knight demands the love hence he cannot avoid a lady he loves.
Knight loves a lady with three attributes of beauty namely long hair, light arm, and wild eyes (“Keats …

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