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Category: Business Plan

Subcategory: Traveling

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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Group Work Reflection
One: C I complemented the assignment successfully at the breadth and with preciseness. The research done covered various sources of information both from library textbooks and online sources and analyzed conclusively. With much ambition to expand my perspective, I utilized extensively on the information gathered during the discussion. Consequently, the situation widened my point of view in tackling challenging academic tasks that require critical thinking skills.
Two: C
The topic was discussed at depth exploring on difficult elements that learners do face while studying. In consideration of breadth and depth of the content, we analyzed first less challenging to more difficult contents. Thus, insight and enthusiasm played key roles in searching for more information about the topic. Therefore, the subject appeared easy and our attitudes shifted towards love for the contents within the subject.

Three: C
Initially, the group experienced difficulty in handling the topic effectively and precisely. The best thing I did was to inquire more information from other group members that had significantly handled the tasks with much comfort. After analyzing critically, information gathered, I took the best alternative with the aim of promoting effectiveness and conclusive research in my group.
Four: D
I synthesized and deeply analyzed the contribution of the group members. Incorporating ideas from gro…

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