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Category: Admission Essay

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There are over three million registered nurses in America thereby making them the biggest percentage of the healthcare workforce. As per the Institute of Medicine’s research, most of the nurses’ higher levels of education and the education system should be improved to equip the nurses with an appropriate education (Bachelors’ Degree) and training. With more nurses with an improved baccalaureate education level in nursing, students will be prepared to meet the dynamics of patient population in America.
I am aware that nursing education is a full-time intensive program that will require me to be fully present, committed, and participating. I have a prior degree in athletic training that required a full-time internship. I also went to a full-time school with an intense program to attain my degree and to take my national boards. In order to become a certified and a licensed athletic trainer I had to complete 3000 hours in my internship. I did my best to keep up my grade point average. I had to dedicate myself to my goals by working hard and being focused on what was required of me. I believe this has given me an idea of what nursing school will be like. I have already attended the full-time school to finish up the requirements needed for a nursing school. I attained my CNA so that I can garner even more experience before I start nursing school. If I am in the accelerated program I will not be working so that I can be a hundred pe…

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