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Please answer 2 essay questions

Category: Coursework

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Business Essay
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Time Management
Time management as a process involves determining the tasks that need to be done, setting goals for these tasks, awarding priorities and planning how the tasks will be undertaken. By far the impact of time management is dire and may cost an organization dearly if it is taken lightly. The whole essence of time management is to improve productivity and provides a measure of performance expectations. Time management skills have become important success determinants in most organizations and considered critical for the overall progress of the organization. As it has been the trend, most organizations have been forced to downsize due to the economic pressure across the globe, and this means that there are high chances that existing employees have a lot to handle than before. In such situations, time management skills and techniques become inevitable. They have to meet deadlines, process documents and transactions in time. Leaving customers in long queues often raises dissatisfaction.
Organizations which have adopted good time management skills have sustained their competitive edge in business. A case example, E-bay an online shopping platform has earned popularity across the globe due to its ability to deliver goods in time to their customers. On the other hand, lack of time management technique and skills can cause more harm than good to any business. Failure to adhere to strict time provisions in projects adds…

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