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Category: Research Paper

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Ethical Concerns in Scientific Research
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Ethical Concerns in Scientific Research
Ethical concerns are a major concern in modern scientific research. Scientists need to ensure that their human subjects are protected at all times during the research and all actions taken during the research should safeguard the interests of the human subjects. The researcher is required to provide true information regarding the purpose of the study and the likely effects of the study. Additionally, the researcher needs to obtain consent from the human subjects after providing them with the information and ensuring that they have understood the purpose of the study and their required role in the research. However, these are the basic requirements, and the nursing association expects this of all nurses while receiving their education. The above conditions define the ideal situation. Unfortunately, history shows that scientific research is filled with accounts of human suffering and researches that have abused their human subjects. Central to this paper is the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, conducted over a span of four decades, from 1932 to 1972. In this study, the researchers aimed to identify the connection between the syphilis disease and the African American population. This paper will analyze the ethical concerns regarding this study and the rationale behind this study will also be discussed in detail.
The Tuskegee study is a primary type of study o…

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