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Photophobia- eye’s disorder.

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Photophobia is a debilitating medical condition that primarily affects the eye to introducing light sensitivity, although that is just a functional symptom that does not have a specific organ basis. It is presented as an abnormal eye sensitivity or aversion to light, explaining its nomenclature: ‘photo’ the Greek word for light and ‘phobia’ Greek word for fear. Individuals suffering from the condition complain of exacerbated eye discomfort or even pain when exposed to increasing light that should otherwise not have been uncomfortable (Muchnick, 2008). It is a common primary complication arising from eye conditions that include retinal dystrophies and uveitis. In fact, it is reported in neuro-ophthalmic disorders and migraines. The International Classification of Headache Disorders reports that photophobia is a classic indication of a migraine. In addition, its presence is considered as an indication of blepharospasm, traumatic brain injury, intracranial conditions, posterior segment disease, anterior segment disease, progressive supranuclear palsy, and so on. As such, photophobia can be considered as a debilitating indication of neurologic and ophthalmic medical disorders (Ashley, 2010; Brodsky, 2010). Therefore, photophobia can be considered as a sensory state in which the eyes feel uncomfortable owing to light sensitivity even in light conditions that are normally comfortable.
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