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Category: Admission Essay

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I remember the first time I had a camera in my hands. I was on a trip with my parents, and they wanted me to take a picture of them, and I was more than happy to oblige. Before, that moment, they had forbidden me from using it, arguing that I was too young and I could damage it. Luckily, I did not, and the camera remained undamaged during the shoots. After each click, I realized something had born inside of me. However, I forgot photography and focused on other things until one day, when I was twelve, my father bought me a compact camera I used to photograph each moment I could. I took a vow to collect all the moments I could, and I have not forgotten it since. Nevertheless, as soon as I grew up, my life took many turns, and I ended up studying business administration. I will not speak much about my career in business administration, but it gave me a solid formation and a mindset I aim to use in my new photography career.
What I am trying to say is that photography is not a temporal hobby, but something I would like to do for the rest of my life. Consequently, I always felt like a fish out of the water during my career, but it served me to earn enough money to buy my first real camera, a Samsung NX300. I know it is not a DSLR, but I felt enticed by its affordability and it served me to take my first real steps into the visual world. I must say that my first portraits and landscapes were not the best, but I never cease to consider myself a student, as there is much to learn…

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