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Category: Cause and Effect Essay

Subcategory: Film and Theater

Level: College

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Cause and Effect
Great photography is a combination of different factors. To make a great photo one needs to have a great camera and editing machines, and also one must pose the skills in photography. For instance, in making a good photo, one must consider the most essential aspect of the photo such as to tell a story, to capture emotions, a moment or to intrigue (SLR Lounge). Therefore, to achieve that a photography professional must understand the photo composition, this includes the angle of inclination, the alignment of the photo whether it is a portrait or a landscape. In making a photo one should consider the tone or mood they want to create.
External components must be considered in capturing a great photo. For instance, one must consider the lighting and the shades that will be in the photo. Hence, the photographer must consider the landscape of the photo and the implications it has on the photo. If there are faulty elements that the photo has the photographer should edit the photo (Improve Photography). The time implication of the photo must be captured – this can be done by varying the various effects to show time differences when the photo was taken.
A great photo captures other aspects such as visual illusion which has the effect of varying the visual distance of the objects. The visual elements of a great photo put into consideration the space or the illusion of space created (Josh…

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