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Phonology theory and the difficulties in teaching pronunciation to non-English speakers

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Phonology theory and the difficulties in teaching pronunciation to non-English speakers

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Level: College

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Pronunciation Problems for Non-native English Speakers
Institutional Affiliation
Pronunciation Problems For Non-Native Speakers TranscriptionInterviewer: Good afternoon Mida. Thank you for allowing me to interview you and don’t worry this interview will be very informal. The First thing is, can you tell us anything about yourself.Interviewee: Myself is umm… about myself, I am from the Philippines, and I…I am from Pangasrone. My language is Il Lugano, and I have two children, and in the Philippines, we are a big family. …Yes… so… I am thirty-four years old.Interviewer: Oh. You are still young. I thought you are twenty-five years old…(laughs)….ok. Can you tell us anything about Australia… You know, your experience here, whether you like it or not, or whatever!Interviewee: my experience in Australia, of course, I like the Australian. It is a nice country. But sometimes it is very lonely. And usually my husband has to work most of the time to pay our credit.. a lot of credit…. (Laughs) and uhm.. and uhm… Look after my children… I have two… Yeh.. Both boys.Interviewer: Okay tell us something about the younger one.Interviewee: My younger… my youngest one is very naughty.. and uhhh, he makes my house look like Tsunami, (laughs) You know he knocks everything.. all dirt is everywhere… four.. he is four.Pronunciation Problems Introduction
It is expected that the woman in the video would have several pronunciation …

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