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Philosophy Case study

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Philosophy Case study

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: College

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• Ask Michelle to train co-workers on persuasive skills but exclude lies.
• Relocate Michelle to cashier desk since she already knows the business flow.
• Ask her to stop being so proactive in marketing the product to moderate proactivity.
Advertisements are meant to manipulate through persuading customers to purchase given products. Successful business across the globe is not only based on the competent teamwork, but also on proper marketing language and strategies. Michelle seems to be having a natural marketing strategy that is yielding the shop high profits. Her action can be explained by various theories of persuasion that include the conversion theory, the information manipulation theory, the scarcity principle theory, and the concept of amplification hypothesis.
In the concept of amplification hypothesis, this states that when you explain some ideas to a person or persons with a voice of certainty the idea will be readily conceived in the audience mind as realistic and reliable. The opposite is true where the audience detects uncertainty they may not trust the idea being expressed and may not be moved by the persuasion. In this context the customer cognitive attitude is influenced, which moves his/her emotions to purchase whatever product intended. Michelle has been persuading the customers expressing that the shoes in the shop are the best in the market. With a voice of certainty, and which markets the shop that it’s selling best shoes she manages to sell the shoes, and the customers leave the store satisfied. Being certain also attacks the emotional part where people make a choice based on an emotional assessment of the situation at hand. In fact, there is no mistake by saying that the shop sells the best pairs of shoes. A seller with integrity presents in the market best qualities of their goods. Michelle is selling the products appropriately.
The scarcity principle theory, the theory states that we always want to control events and outcomes around us by making choices. If a given product becomes scarce, we tend to acquire it in an anticipation of regret that during the scarcity time. We may not have it and that those who have it will be on top of the social strata and we may be the inferior or the victim in the scarcity. Michelle uses this theories’ principle to ensure customers acquire shoes they don’t want. In other terms, she has the skills to induce impulse buying on customers. She tells the customer that the pair of shoe remaining was the only one in that type, and there was no future probability of replacing it with similar other. The customer on detecting the future scarcity of the fashion decides to buy the shoe to ensure that during the scarcity he is covered and may not regret not having bought the shoe. The goal is to sell the shoe and if the customer is given the reason to purchase the shoe then the business has attained its purpose of the establishment.
The information manipulation theory, states that for the process of persuasion to be successful the persuader has to break the four core elements in this theory. First the quality of the information needs to comprehensive covering the customers or target audience interest and according to the context. Second the quality of the information needs to be correct and sincere. Thirds the relation of the information with the subject at hand should be relevant. The last aspect to break in this context for a complete persuasion is manner, implies that the presentation of the information to influence should be in a format that the target listener understands including non-verbal communication. Michelle tells the customer that their shop was the only one with the particular shoe he was looking for and for that reason it remains the only shop to acquire the shoe. The information has elements of truthfulness and accuracy since Michelle’s works only in that shop and may have gone round in the neighboring shop .Her information may be credible considering that in the whole year she has been working in that shop no customer returned complaining of fraud.
Conversion theory, states that a minority groups with aspects of resistance, confidence, biased, and consistency the majority group can be influenced. The aspects should be present in every expressed opinion for the target audience or customers. Michelle have been presenting the attributes by talking high of the products in the shop and have been biased that the shop sells the best shoes and has been confident that it’s the only shop with a given type of shoe and the method have been working on the review of sales. She records the highest sales and commissions of all the five employees.
In conclusion, the four theories and concepts explained above justify the actions of Michelle. This is a working business strategy that marks the products in the shops. If her system were faulty, considering she has been working for a year customers would have been back to record their dissatisfaction. John the long-serving employee maybe jealous of new the entrant who reaps the most in the business. With such antagonistic attitude, the business may start collapsing. The employees need to have a synchronized way of thinking and acting like a team.

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