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Category: Statistics Project

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: College

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Words: 275

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Outline a personal food strategy you can adopt that uses the principles of food sovereignty.
Food sovereignty is one of the calls that people rights shapes and also crafts the policy of the food. These are the rights that are not used to explore or even cover any field of political philosophy. The result of the food sovereignty has marked some of the contradictions on the side of the food security (Tscharntke 4).
The primary argument that leans on the side of the food sovereignty is the explanation of the need for the food sovereignty for the rest of the people in the community. The main principles that should be used to mark the best level of food sovereignty in the society are:
Eradication of the hunger;
Need for the offer of the better price to the farmers;
Best methods of combating poverty in the community;
The best welfare for all the food producers.
Explain three ways that neoliberalism has created our current state of food insecurity
Neoliberalism is one of the concepts of the economy that is marked by various strategies and policies. Neoliberalism in the developing nation and regions of the world such as Canada takes the ideological point of view. It is one of the factors that has created competition and also led to the matters of free trade into the regions that practice it. The supremacy that is in the market has led to the opposition of the state in the market institution thus dooming the food …

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