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Persuasive Speech
The US is now a divisive force in their homeland, and citizens advance their cause through violence and hate rather than civil debate, facts and research. The overall selection of enforcement of the rule of law and the desire of entitlements is currently crossing boundaries of morality hence ripping friends, families, and communities apart. Leaders of the nation ought to come together and provide succinct policies that will be geared towards strengthening families and all citizens who call the place home. Through such actions, people from overseas and other allies will trust America and know that their word is their bond. At the moment the nation needs to heal from their past actions by bringing every policy maker on board, while considering the needs of every individual from the region.
America has lost its sense of patriotism, as it currently has a decaying society where the rule of law is not upheld with a rise in corruption, injustices among the vulnerable and minimal provision of social services to all (Herzog, 2007). It is imperative that every member who is here and all those who call America home receive equal treatment and also talk positively of this great nation. There ought to be zero issues related to human trafficking, animal and child abuse and bullying in schools. These have been matters that have taken toll of almost every discussion instead of dwelling on issues of development, global warming and rule of law.
Currently, the issues of patriotism have become irrelevant to most Americans. These have been evident from the many injustices that most citizens undergo while in their daily lives. The citizens are not able to get their daily bread equally as it is required of them. Brown et al., (2002) in their research concluded that there is a greater need to unite the nation while having one bond. This will enable the members from the region to participate fully in development building without problems. It will also ensure that the level of patriotism is high leading to a nation that is caring and which follows the rule of law as required.
The best solution to ensure patriotism is by encouraging policy makers to consider different policies that are geared towards changing the way people live and relate to one another. Encouraging the rule of law and equality will make members respect and provide services that can lead to nation building and increasing the bond among the citizens. Park (2006) confirms that with clear-cut policies which are stringent, members, as well as leaders, can relate positively to one another while following the laid down rules and regulations. Equality and following of the rule of law are always essential when nations desire to increase their rate and level of development. Such provision will see the nation moving forward while encouraging all the citizens to be patriotic to their nation.
Those in the overseas and other US allies will trust the nation and also know that their word is their bond. Through this trust people from other nations will collaborate with the nation and help them achieve their long-term goals of prosperity and patriotism. With increased levels of patriotism the nation will advance technologically and also in other different areas because of the support they will receive from other nations who have a common goal with them.
At the moment, every member from the US ought to follow the rule of law and also view each other as sister and brother. Through such bonds and relationships the people will be able to work and talk together leading to increased levels of development in the nation. Arango and Larsen (2010) affirm that when individuals realize that every member of their society is a brother or sister, they always work together towards development and this encourages patriotism. The need for new patriotic policies cannot be understated in the quest to ensure patriotism and increased development among members of any nation. With increased levels of patriotism, a nation can become a better place where members follow the rule of law and also work towards achieving their goals and those of their nation.

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