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Persuasive speech

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Persuasive Speech
The US is now a divisive force in their homeland, and citizens advance their cause through violence and hate rather than civil debate, facts and research. The overall selection of enforcement of the rule of law and the desire of entitlements is currently crossing boundaries of morality hence ripping friends, families, and communities apart. Leaders of the nation ought to come together and provide succinct policies that will be geared towards strengthening families and all citizens who call the place home. Through such actions, people from overseas and other allies will trust America and know that their word is their bond. At the moment the nation needs to heal from their past actions by bringing every policy maker on board, while considering the needs of every individual from the region.
America has lost its sense of patriotism, as it currently has a decaying society where the rule of law is not upheld with a rise in corruption, injustices among the vulnerable and minimal provision of social services to all (Herzog, 2007). It is imperative that every member who is here and all those who call America home receive equal treatment and also talk positively of this great nation. There ought to be zero issues related to human trafficking, animal and child abuse and bullying in schools. These have been matters that have taken toll of almost every discussion instead of dwelling on issues of development, global warming and rule of law.
Currently, the issues of patrio…

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