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Persuasive on the the book Everything I never told you by Celeste Ng.

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Persuasive on the the book Everything I never told you by Celeste Ng.

Category: Definition Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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What makes a novel good or worthy of being in the literary canon
Any book is usually targeted to end up being worthy or even end up being in the literary canon. Each author often aims to make sure that his story gets to succeed. For an author this is something that is paramount for them, they always ensure that the kind of stories that they end up making gets to fit into the right quality that the society expects (Rosenblatt, 1968).
One of the things that make a novel good or even worthy of being in the literary canon is the plot of the story. The plot of the story is one thing that always attracts readers towards reading a book and having a good time with the same novel. Any author would always make sure that they have a good plot that would intrigue the readers such that they can realize the quality of that paper. A good paper is one that shows the quality in the plot that the author has made on his paper. Once the plot is right then the quality of that novel will also be presumed to be top and thus be considered to be good and also be considered as worthy of being in the literary canon (Rosenblatt, 1968).
Another factor that could make a novel worthy is the themes that addressed in a book. A good story should be comprehensive regarding the issues that it touches on; it should be self-sufficient. A novel should have enough themes such that those items address even the most recent issues seen to be in the society (Porhiel, 2001). The society is a place that keeps on changing from time to time, and thus even the authors of any novel should always make sure that themes that they do choose to cover are enough to cover even the most recent issues in the society.

Themes in “Everything I Never Told You.”
The idea of Death has come into this novel through the death of Lydia, who had been the daughter of the Lee family. She had been assumed a much-focused student all along but then this was realized to be the opposite even after the death. This is one person who died all because she had been in love but then later on realized that the person she had been in love with was gay, and that was already in love with his brother (Porhiel, 2001). This is something that she thinks she cannot bear entirely. According to her she had faced so much Lydia had been scared of being left by the brother and after that she ripped off the letters and even went ahead to look for consolation from Jack, the same inform her that he was gay and thus could have no form of relationship in the society (Urdang et al., 1985). She wanted to tell the parent over the shortcomings that she had gone through the whole time but then when she could remember about how he was thrown into the lake then she opts to dive into the same and commit suicide as such. This is something that torments the whole family all along and since they could not believe what had taken place to their daughter, to them this was unbelievable as such.
In the current society, the same scenario is also experienced where members of the community do feel frustrated and even opts to commit suicide. The effects of death are always the same; this theme is always similar to what the current society has always gone through as such. The society does not want to understand the fact that life frustrates at times people and then end up committing suicide as such (Hasselgård, 2009). The current society also has people that are faced by almost the same situation but then it is always impossible to try and bar nearly all of them as such. Just like Lydia, there are people that are in the society that are faced by problems that would even commit suicide just for them to go away from the problems that they are having as such. There is nothing more in the society that could be frightening than having to undergo the pain of the death of any relative as such.
Communication is always one important thing that any society must always rely on for anything. In the novel, the plot has shown that indeed there is more of secrets of information that have been present as compared to the openness (Hasselgård, 2009). A good example is the fact that James gets to have an extra-marital affair from his only marriage. The fact that he does not give the society the kind of information that they are relying upon means that indeed information has been hidden so much. There is nothing more that the novel has targeted so much regarding the underlying themes other than just having so many secrets in the whole book as such. The book has tried to make sure that the lack of information leads to an eventuality, which in the long run would mean that the society has to change the approach of the matters (Hasselgård, 2009).
James for a long time did not inform the wife before courting her that he had intentions for her but then after lying off the same he gets at ease and even gets a weak point to make sure that he knows the woman (Bourdieu & Johnson, 1993). Some years later, the product of opening up is seen, and that is the happy Lee family, even though the same family does not end happily in the end as such. The society is more modified such that it already makes sure that at all times the people will always make sure that they can be able to access any information that they would like to hold grab of (Bourdieu & Johnson, 1993).
The intentions of Marilyn are so clear such that even after giving birth to the first son, she makes sure that she communicates to the whole society about her intention to make sure that she pursues medicine in the end. Her duty had been to make sure that such information is re-laid to the people that are involved (Urdang et al, 1985).
The same theme of communication is seen in the current society; the society is always eager to have some good piece of information at any one time. The society has always made sure that they get to have the right information that they need at any point (Bourdieu & Johnson, 1993). A good example is the presence of the social media, a platform over which the target is basically to achieve nothing more other than just basic information. Just like the society and the family in the novel that was based on access to information, so is the current society as well.

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