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Perspectives on Deviance

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Perspectives on Deviance

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

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Perspectives on Deviance
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Perspectives on Deviance
Violation of social norms leads to differentiation in the ruling of the society. The deviation of the social norms results from the different thinking and actions that are against the directives and the rules of the society. The violation of the behaviors considered to be the guidance and the expectations of the society depends on the time changes. Certain behaviors are considered appropriate in the society, however, over a certain time the changes and the growth of the society these behaviors become unacceptable and vice versa.
According to the differential association theory concerning the defiance of the social norms of the society, the actions and behaviors of criminology are learned. The theory promotes the actions of deviance through the focus on the actions that are against the set rules and regulations of society. In return, the acts of defiance to the law of the society lead to criminal acts. Differential association leads to social influence of learning and adapting to the society hence relating with the social behavior (Kaplan, Gostjev & Johnson, 2013). Through the interaction perspective, the people in the society relate, rationalize and drive the people in acting differently.
The strain theory explains how the structure of the society affects the behavior of the people in behaving differently according to Taylor, Walton, and Young (2013). The social structure…

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