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Personal Statment

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Personal Statment

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Personal Statement
Analysis resembles magic that decomposes the reality and forms a new world. Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by an adventure in numbers. Playing Sudoku provided me with the basic understanding of logic and numbers. Before joining college, I was pretty sure that I want to study a course that is closely related to numbers.
After choosing accounts as my major, I had a summer internship with Deloitte. From this experience, I understood the important relationship between accounting and finance. I want to be a business person who not only can make financial statements but also can analyze them. A good understanding of these two areas will help me to be outstanding after going into the workplace. The finance courses I took in the university makes me believe that I can master the finance knowledge well and quickly.
After considering my career goals, I think Illinois MSF program will provide me with great help in the accounting field. First, since as an undergraduate accounting student, I will take CPA exam in these two years. Illinois MSF program can help me meet the 150 credits requirement of CPA exam. Secondly, it will improve my ability to analyze business risks in the market and to earn more opportunities in the future. I also want to take CFA exam to strengthen my financial knowledge. I choose Illinois as my first option since Illinois MSF has a good reputation and great faculty. After graduation, I want to …

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