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Personal Statment

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Personal Statment

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Application Letter

Level: College

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Words: 275

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Personal Statement
I am specifically interested in your institution due to many reasons. Firstly, I have heard about the college’s degree programs in biology from my former professors at Valencia College. I have been convinced with my professor’s recommendations on how the college departments teach the discipline and research methodologies theoretically and practically. Furthermore, the college background in biological sciences and related fields has commensurated with my interests and goals in the field of biology. Finally, I am satisfied with the school’s reputation for teaching, coursework, and availability of facilities. Eventually, I expect to gain immense knowledge once admitted to an individual school of my choice.
The acquisition of better skills in interpersonal relations and English proficiency from my previous college would assist in attaining the long-term goals and learning chance at the University of Florida. However, my English is not developed to that expected level which could be a challenge in communication due to the language barrier. When I get admitted, I will continue to upgrade my English during private studies. I am planning to enroll for an online English course to boost my proficiency in the language. My research project and a certificate in biology that I did at the Valencia College could assist me in quick adaptation in the biology program. Furthermore, I have attended biology related …

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