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personal statement

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personal statement

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Bioengineering

Level: College

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Words: 275

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Personal Statement
Reason for Choosing Mechanical Engineering Profession
Mechanical engineering is a profession that involves the process of planning, design, and testing of machines or static structures. The mechanical engineering designs are termed as work of art but not really. The drawings are done with a lot of expertise and technical engineering skill as well as fabrication standards. Mechanical engineering is perceived to be a lucrative career, but it depends on the clients or the company the engineer is working.
There are several reasons in which I can advise someone who is interested in the profession. Firstly, the longevity of the career. The career can be practiced by the expert as long as he or she wants. The job is very demanding and lucrative such that the expert can decide to exercise it for the whole of the lifetime (Alpay, 582). The reason is that the design, fabrication and innovation industry is always busy and mechanical engineers are few. An engineer can decide to be self-employed if maybe he becomes retired from the firm he is has been working. After the retirement, the engineer can choose to employ himself. Most of the contractors consult the private engineers in their fabrication work. The engineer can establish a consulting firm and look for the clients. The mechanical engineering skills are thus critical in the building, automotive and production industry hence the mechanic…

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