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personal statement

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personal statement

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Personal Statement
I am writing to appeal for a change in my degree major from BSc biology to BSc psychology. This is because I have little interest in biology and hence I find psychology more appealing to me. One of the things I like in psychology is that it can be useful in many situations, which makes it a more exciting course as compared to others. Studying psychology will allow me to understand more about the functionality of the brain and how it influences people’s attitudes throughout life. This will also enable me to maintain a healthy mind, as I will be in a position to identify various symptoms that can lead to illnesses. More so, the willingness to help my friend who has a mental disease has driven my interest to pursue this course. As such, I want to understand how this disorder affects mental processes and the way it influences my friend’s life. After learning, how all these processes work to control behavior, I will be in a position to figure out various ways to assist my pal and even others who are suffering from the similar diseases.
More so, studying psychology will help me practice good parenting in future, as I will have an opportunity to learn various stages of child development. I will also be in a position to look out for possible developmental disorders in children and take action on time. Therefore, pursuing this course will not only help me improve my mental health but will also give me a chance to assist people suffering from mental disorders…

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