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Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

Category: Personal Statement

Subcategory: Education

Level: PhD

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Degree in Educational Leadership; Goals and Core Values of the Program
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Date Abstract
People attend schools to learn and gain experience about subjects that interest them. This learning process enables people to launch their careers and prosper in life by achieving their goals. A degree in educational leadership is a program that allows people to become teachers and leaders in various institutions. These people are responsible for the education of students and operating the learning institutions. Therefore, it is crucial for these people to get the best training possible. On their part, they are expected to reciprocate the same services in their responsibilities. In this paper, the writer looks at a personal account of how completing the degree in education leadership relates to his goals in life. In addition, he evaluates how the core values and goals of the program align with the applicant’s goals. The writer relies on personal aspirations as well as literature from other sources to have an understanding of the subject.
Degree in Educational Leadership; Goals and Core Values of the Program
The two most important professional accomplishments that have led to the pursuit of my career goals, and ultimately the doctorate of philosophy, are being awarded a Master Principal status and being nominated as the Principal of the Year at two different campuses.
First, being awarded a Master Principal Status is a difficult endeavor that required compl…

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