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Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Logistics

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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Personal Statement.
I always dreamt of being a pharmacist and helping people heal from various diseases. My aspirations started when I was young and continuously grew as my age advanced. I grew up through many experiences such as seeing sick people and also, I getting ill and seeking help from a pharmacist and later getting well. The pharmacist seemed to have diverse knowledge in various diseases that people from my area suffered from and that inspired me to acquire the same. I started the journey earlier in my life, and my interest in math and sciences drove it forward. The above developed a strong foundation from which I could earn the career of my dream.
I selected pharmacy as a career because unlike other jobs, it involves interaction with the public through helping them. Furthering my education in a university that provides students with the adequate equipment and exposure is my last remaining step towards acquiring my dream career. Going through the program will help me in gaining the required knowledge to deal with various issues that exist in the pharmaceutical field. Interactions with other students will help me in building relationships with the people while in the profession. The Doctor of pharmacy degree will assist in attaining my long-term professional goals such as reacting to negative development, helping and collaborating with patients and expanding in my field of the profession through equippin…

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