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Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Education

Level: College

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Personal Statement
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Personal Statement
I have always had a dream to attend a prestigious college that would nurture my talent and sharpen my skills. I understand the challenges linked to getting admission to one of the best universities. Therefore, I have worked hard to score excellent grades that can earn me a place in the university. Even though I have had an opportunity to study and graduate from a college of Energy Science in Romania, I have noted that the qualification will not guarantee an opportunity of achieving my dream of international business. I understand that financial resource is important for studying in the college. However, I will require financial aid since I do not have any stable source of income.
The reason for pursuing international business studies is to acquire more skills and competence in international expertise. With competence in place, I would be confident to deliver quality work that impacts on the global economy. My experience at Falcon Consulting SRL enhanced my skills in developing a good relationship with clients in diverse cultures. I have knowledge of the cultural lifestyle of Romanian and British. Other companies that I have worked with include Cohen Limited Tel Aviv and Toor Stores which sharpened my skills in financial management and communication with the customers. Moreover, I have traveled to many countries thus immersing myself in another culture, and…

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