Personal Responsibility Reflection Essay

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Personal Responsibility Reflection Essay

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Personal Responsibility Reflection Essay
In essence, college success is solely dependent on the student’s life abilities as much as it is centred on academic or intellectual abilities. For many students, college is a vital avenue for transition; the transition is mostly, from emotional and financial dependence on guardians or parents to independent decision making. Personal responsibility is a foundation for better decision making; it is always a guiding factor when students make better choices.
Thesis statement
My success in this class was as a result of starting with firm foundation in key skills and consulting widely before making any decision; due to this, I was able to perform better in class-English in particular, was my best. Moreover, the decisions made me enjoy my overall experience in college.
Decisions and actions I made and their consequences
Having known that plagiarism was equivalent to theft; I decided to find embark on finding ways to avoid this crime. I saw it necessary to work hard by completing each test is given by me. Secondly, I used the college’s writing centre wisely. Here I improved my skills in writing quality English essays, styles of formatting and referencing.
Moreover, I developed a habit of reading twice. I was reading for fun and again for facts. Whenever an essay or a story was assigned to us, I used to read it twice. The second reading helped in recalling things I was reading since I was writing everything down. Lastly, I was keen to evaluate simple grammatical structures and terms. This required me to spend a few hours to review basic grammar.
It is therefore, important to note that it would have been tricky to pass this class had it been that I was not smart in my decision making. Avoiding plagiarism, efficiently utilizing college writing centre, reading twice and evaluating grammatical structures were some of the best decisions and actions I chose to take. They were instrumental in my success.

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