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Personal responsability reflection

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Personal responsibility
Personal responsibility may be defined in many ways that may all be true, but basically, it only comes down to one thing; owning up to one’s actions and their consequences without pointing fingers or laying blame on others. Through personal responsibility one is accountable for his/her actions and thus able to forge a path forward towards set goals guided by self-supervision in accordance to one’s guiding principles. Personal responsibility has many aspects or dimension from which it could be approached. These dimensions represent its applications in the various parts of life and situations. Therefore, personal responsibility can be said to be the reason behind personal accountability of action and consequences in all areas of life.
Personal responsibility is intrinsic thus it starts from inside coming outside. Therefore, this means that when one is held accountable for his/her actions by an authority figure, it’s not personal responsibility since the accountability isn’t inspired by one’s free will but rather by the circumstances. On the other hand, a person that takes responsibility for his/her actions even in situations where no one is present to make the person face the consequences can be said to be accountable. Through personal responsibility, people may learn to be self-driven even their day to day life since they learn to apply their free will in the right direction. Every choice that we ma…

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