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Personal mission statement
I am a self- motivated individual who is not contented to rest on my achievements but always seeking new challenges. I am passionate about issues pertaining to the provision of excellent service delivery to my customers and/or clients. I also strive to become an expert in project implementation and research as my vocation geared towards improving other people’s lives. I aspire to hold a challenging position with a hospitality organization that fosters the capacity development and brings higher levels of personal commitment towards efficient service delivery.
I look forward to completing my high school education; join a university and pursue a course that relates to hospitality which would enable me to work in a hotel setting. This would enable me to make my career dream-working in a hotel a reality. My dream is to start my own business and become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of hospitality. I work towards this by taking my education seriously as well as trying to explore opportunities that can enhance my skills relating to hotel management. I believe that I shall achieve this if I join a university that helps its students to excel by facilitating their efforts of achieving their objectives.
This is the reason for my choosing to study a bachelor’s course in hotel management from a reputable university. Therefore, I shall carry out research to ensure that I land o…

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