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Hegel, Schooenhauer

Philosophy: Contrast and ComparisonIn this essay, we shall compare and the Hegelian concept of Geist, against Schopenhauer’s “Will” and Nietzsche’s “Will to power”. Hence, by assessing these concepts, we shall gain a broader perspective of German romanticism and the philosophical ideas that sustain it. Therefore, to correctly understand Hegel’s thought, it is fundamental understanding the concept of Geist “Spirit is the ethical life of a nation in so far as it is the actual truth – the individual that is the world. It must advance to the consciousness of what it is immediate, must leave behind it the beauty of ethical life, and by passing through a series of shapes attain to a...

Bernie Sanders and Social Media

Name Instructor Name Course Date Bernie Sanders and Social Media Introduction Bernie Sander is a senator from Vermont which is a stronghold for the liberals. He is one of the presidential candidates who is a great competitor to Hillary Clinton on the ticket of Democratic Party. In the past few rallies in the US, Bernie has been able to win the support of majority via the social media especially Facebook and Twitter (Jang and Oh). This paper shall major on the ways that Bernie has used the social media to gain popularity. The paper shall also look at the ways Hillary Clinton and Bernie find themselves in a comparative competition. The Washington Post indicates that Sander attained followers...

the Global Closet Calculator activity

The Global Closet Calculator Activity Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation PART 1 What did you discover about where the clothes in your closet came from? Most of the clothes in my closet come from China and India. In which parts of the world where most of your clothes made? Thirty clothes from my closet were made from China. It consisted of 71.4% of my closet wear that has the highest percentage on the map. This percentage consisted of my official shirts, several ties, underwear’s, sandals and several jeans. The others came from India, United States, Uruguay and Indonesia. What percentage of your clothing was made in the United States? 11.9% of my clothing came from The United...

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Name Instructor Course Date Regression Analysis Regression analysis is a statistical measure for determining the relationship between variables. It includes classifying, analyzing, organizing, and recording variables. There are two types of variables involved that is, dependent variable, and independent variable. Dependent variables are measured, predicted and are expected to be affected by the manipulation of the independent variable (Fox and John 107). A researcher manipulates independent variables to determine their effects on other variables. Regression analysis includes the probability of distribution, which is dependent on the variation of the dependent variable. Forecasting...

favorite civil liberty and civil right

Name Professor’s name Course Date Favorite Civil Liberty and Civil Right My favorite civil liberty is the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech is a way of communicating individual ideas, perceptions and opinions without fear and intimidation of the authority and government. Anyone human being has a right to articulate or express himself without minding the reaction of the surrounding people. All the same the government restricts the communication or speech in some given situations. Some of the general limitations to this freedom include obscenity, fighting words, pornography, slander, sedition, libel and incitement. These limitations, however, apply only when a third party is affected...

great managers

Student’s name Professor’s name Course title Date A great manager A manager as an individual charged with the responsibility of administering or controlling an organization. In the traditional sense, such a manager is also responsible for controlling resources. Simply put, a manger is a person with the accessibility of resources and responsible for the results that are yielded under their tenure. This paper explores the qualities of a great manager and what makes a great manager outstanding. One of the major characteristics that describe a great manager is the possession of exemplary leadership quality. This quality is drawn from one’s ability to organize a group of people into doing...

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name Institution: Date: We as a Drug Dependent SocietyDrugs and free will One of the most celebrated aspects of the modern human is the freedom of will. Even though there are some aspects of pre-destination, the general belief of man and his control of his fate is popular among many. It is interesting that even people who tend to question this often inadvertently support it through the belief that the state should act on this belief. If an individual acts wrongly, then they should be held accountable to other men, the state and in some instances, their creator. In reality, though, man does not control everything that happens to them. Free will and...

What caused the American Revolution

What caused the American Revolution. American Revolution was the precursor of the national independence gained in 1776. It was a political upheaval that took place within 1765-1783, when there was no nation as such, but 13 colonies, which were run on company charters, and there was no unified political organization. It was under the umbrella of the British Empire. This was the beginnings of the New World, which was triggered off, with the discovery of Christopher Columbus. The American aristocracy was centered on the east coast mainly. From 1765 onwards, the American colonial society revolted against the British Parliament authority for taxations, mainly on sugar and molasses. A most significant...

Did Jim and Laura Buy a Car?

Did Jim and Laura Buy a Car? Did Jim and Laura Buy a Car? Obligations that the law can enforce are called contracts. When there is a breach of any contract made between two parties, the law allows different remedies to the offended. The existence of a contract becomes possible when there is a promise in place by one party to another. The idea of legality is often important, and for the contract to be binding it has to fulfill the four elements of contracts that are an offer, the intention of entering into a legal agreement, consideration and acceptance. For a contract to be binding, it has to have an offer, which can lapse due to the expiry of the acceptance period when it is reversed before being...