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Peer Reviewed Social Work Journals

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Peer Reviewed Social Work Journals

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Peer Review Journals in Social Work
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Peer Review Journals in Social Work
Social work is an academic and professional discipline that concentrates more in enhancing the social wellbeing of any society. Peer reviewed journals provide useful references for research related to the field. Examples of peer reviewed journals related to social work include Child & Family Social Work, Clinical Social Work Journal, Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, International Social Work, Qualitative Social Work, Journal of Social Work, The British Journal of Social Work, Social Work Today, The New Social Worker, and Social Work & Society.
The sensitivity of the field makes it important for one to use extra care in studies meant to develop social work. One way of ensuring developing is by the use of peer reviewed journals while performing research studies. Peer reviews journals include journals that have undergone some kind of evaluation from experts and professions from the same field. In the case of social work, peer reviews provide any research works with avenues for scrutiny which benefits the researchers from the field. Any research study in social work is subjected to peer review as a way of improving quality. Quality, in this sense includes everything from the significance of the topic in social work to ensuring that the work is original and has not been copied from anywhere else (Kelly, Sadeghieh & Adeli, 2014).
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