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Paying college athletes while they are in school

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Paying college athletes while they are in school

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Paying College Athletes
The question of whether the college athletes should be paid or not has attracted many debates among the various parties. Some argue college students should be paid while other parties have differing opinions. College athletes should be paid because they bring in a lot of money to the colleges they are representing. Once college athlete commits to play for his or her college, they have a rough time in balancing the school work and practice schedules. Due to a tight a schedule, these group of students hardly get enough time to do side jobs to raise extra money for their upkeep. College athletes spend much of their time playing and improving the status of their respective teams and in the process making the team famous. Most professionals athletes are recognized because of the fame they bring into the team and they are being paid competitively. The same way college students earn fame for their colleges and they should be paid at least to gather for their personal needs. College coaches, according to reports, are among the top-paid coaches. Despite the scholarship benefits college athletes are enjoying, the scholarship does not cover up their personal expenses that leave them with little income. Some of the students participating in Division I colleges sports are from poor families and a move not to pay them leave them in a poorer state (Karaim, 5).
According to reports, the 15 highest paid NCAA coaches earned approximately …

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