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Patient Education on Stroke Prevention

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Patient Education on Stroke Prevention

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Preventing Stroke among People in the United States
Stroke Prevention
Stroke is a medical condition which indicates that the patient does not have appropriate blood flow to the skull. The part the brain that is effected by stroke determines the magnitude of the condition to the neurological deficit (Huo et al. 2015). According to research, stroke can be caused by the obstruction of normal blood flow or breakage which causes bleeding in the brain. Stroke is caused by various factors including diabetes, hypertension and excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco smoking, obesity and lack of exercises, especially for the working population. The population that is prevalent to stroke is that which is above 65 years of age. The study indicates that more than 80% of cases of stroke can be prevented (Wardlaw et2018). Thus, people should be educated on various ways of reducing the risk of stroke among themselves and their loved ones. Choosing the best education method can help to reach the population most affected and find a solution to the problem.
Preventive measures which can be used to prevent stroke should focus on minimizing the risk factors. Therefore, the possible preventive measures include a diet which involves consuming a lot of fruits and vegetable and limiting the consumption of oil, fats, alcohol, and carbohydrates (Holmes et al. 2015). Other preventive measures include cholesterol control, blood pressure control, diabetes management and weight co…

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